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“Very fast, efficient and effective. I am very pleased with Trajector Medical and would refer them to any family and friends that needed help with VA disability.”
Jackie M.
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"Could a Rating Increase to 100% Give You A First Year Benefit of More Than $130,000?"

This is an actual client, unpaid for this review.

"All I had to do was send in my medical records and they look through things I might have missed. I submitted my medical evidence to the VA in support of my claim and once I got my results back, I opened up the envelope and I was like 'Wow! 100%!'"

* Not a guarantee of results. Results may vary based on individual circumstances. There is no way to predict whether a claim will be approved or for what percentage of disability.

We believe every disabled veteran should get the VA rating they deserve.

Here’s how the process works:
Speak with a Veteran Specialist:
Upon submission of your information, a Veteran Specialist will contact you via telephone to review your service-connected disabilities. If we are unable to assist you, we will provide guidance on resources that may be beneficial.
Work with our team to develop your DBQ.
Once your review is finished, we will arrange for you to meet with an experienced medical provider who specializes in developing and completing Disability Benefits Questionnaires  (DBQ). Our providers have evaluated numerous Veterans in the past.
Submit Your VA claim with confidence.
The Veterans Affairs will review your claim after submission, and if approved, you will receive a new disability  rating.

"If You're a Veteran seeking disability compensation, our medical evidence development solutions can help improve the chances of getting the compensation You deserve."

We NEVER charge any medical evidence development fees unless you receive a benefit from our services